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Vaporizers, Electronic Cigarettes and E-Juice

What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers are devices that heat e-liquid, tobacco or herbs at a high temperature to avoid combustion.  Studies have found that vaporizering can efficiently deliver nicotene and herbs while eliminating or drastically decreasing smoke carcinogens and tar.  


Why Vaporize?

1) Studies show its 95% safer to vape than smoke

2)It saves you money

3) No more smoke or smelly ashtrays

4) They are easy to use and easy to regulate your intake

5) It's not smoking so you can vaporize almost anywhere!


Which ones should I buy?

We have a huge selection of vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, box mods, mechanical mods and E-Hookahs to choose from and we can help find the right one for you!  We sell electronic cigarettes and E-Hookahs that vaporize e juice in a variety of nicotene levels and flavors.  We also have portable and home vaporizers for dry herbs, tobacco and concentrates.  


A few of the brands we sell...

Vapresso, Joytech, Smok, Sigelei, Fuchai, Nemesis, Eleaf, IPV, Griffin,  Tug boat, Ecto, Kanger, Aspire, Innokin, Itaste,Vamo,The Volcano, DipStick, Da Vinci,  Wulf, Gpens, Atmos, Magic Flight, PAX, Fire Fly, Wulf, Herbalizer, Silver Surfer, Fantasia, EZ Cig, Gamucci, Cig2O, Puffit, V tower,Buddah, Hot Box, Cloud, Ego, Puffco, Cloud, Ooze, ...and so many more!  


The largest selection of e-juice in New Hampshire! 

We get in new juice lines every week to keep things new and exciting but here are a few of the brands... Moo, Steadfast,Impact, Rollupz, Cuttwood, Gemini, Bad Drip, Naked, Kilo, Boosted, Twelve Vapor, The Family,  Captivape Creations, Ecto, Pancake house, Jam Monster, Milk by the pound,  Cloud Company, Suicide Bunny, Beard Vape Co, Space Jam, Element, Far, Vape Orenda, Maine Vape Co,  Cosmic Fog, Lemon Twist, Keep it 100, Teleos, Teleos remixed, Unkle Junks,  D.C. Vapor, Sour Vape, Fuzion, Bad Drip, Halo, Candy King, Reds, The One, Custard Shop, Virgin Vapor, Donuts,  Ruthless, Mr. Salty, Tasty Vapor, Pop Steez, i love doughnuts, Fog Cabin, Vape Chemist, Aisle 7, and Vape Troopers.  The list is always growing so come in and check it out for yourself.




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